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New Collection-Tonn Beag

Tonn beag-(small wave) Jewellery inspired by the Wild Atlantic. A collection of  teardrop shape pendents ,earrings and neckpieces in sterling silver and rose gold. Inspired by the curve formed from the breaking waves along the Atlantic.

New Summer Collection!

Its the start of summer and its the start of a new collection; Tonn Beag    (small wave) A series of teardrop shape pendents,neckpieces and earrings in sterling silver and rose gold. Inspired by the curve that forms in the barrel of a breaking wave. This teardrop shape is a regular feature throughout my work-here…

Valentines Day

It’s coming up quick! Loads of lovely new pieces available now in the shop section-from simple circle pendents to funky lava earrings. Also now available-the Lì Collection-sterling silver pieces incorporating small elements of gold. All items ready to ship. Hand made with love in Galway.

New Houses!

Busy Busy Busy making loads of lovely new houses for the Xmas! Loads of lovely new things coming up on my website over the next few days and weeks. Each jewellery item arrives in a special little gift box all ready to go. Timeframe on jewellery items are generally 2-3 working days. Simple, quick and…

“Home”-New Jewellery Line

“Home” is a collection of cute and quirky silver house pendants & neckpieces. This new collection by Lynsey is a big departure from her usual source of inspiration from the West coast of Ireland. For the last 6 months; Lynsey’s world has happily been turned upside-down with the new arrival of a baby boy! Now…

Getting Married? Going to a wedding?

Either a Bride, a Bridesmaid or a Wedding Guest- check out my new Bridal Jewellery Line. Looking for the perfect pendent or earrings to match with your outfit? This line offers simple yet elegant jewellery items which can be individually matched to your outfit. For the Brides; we offer stunning silver jewellery items  enriched  freshwater…

Black Box Craft Fair

Black Box Craft Fair

Thanks to Julia for the fab photos she took at lastyears Local Craft fair in the Black Box. What a weekend! The place was full of life with music, food, craft, chat, customers, friends and craic! I did a demo on Sunday on how to make a large silver neckpiece- i think i made a bit of…

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