New Collection

Im thrilled to be launching my new collection ever so soon!

Following on with my love of chains- this collection is about exploring new connections,new forms and exploring movement in chains and their links.

Inspired by the warm copper hue of a rusted chain in contrast to a steely grey pier-i have incorporated a slight  hint of colour into the collection.

The steely grey silver  works beautifully with the warm tones of the rose and yellow gold links.

The collection comprises of 3 sets- Doorus,Tooreen and Tarrea,named after areas of where i grew up in south Galway, Tarrea Pier was the small beautiful road where we lived.

Each set comprises of a different link and offers several pendents,earrings and neckpieces in that chosen style.

as always- everything is handmade here in the foothills of Connemara,Galway.

More will be revealed about the new collection shortly!