New Studio

On my brief maternity leave- theres a lot of planning and designing underway…

In between looking after a 9 week old and a 2 year old- a new collection is being signed and very exciting… a new studio is being built!

The studio is near completed- just waiting on interior walls and electrics- then we’re ready to go!

So looking forward to decking the studio and organising my machinery and tools!

The studio is a 4 x 3m Steeltech home office- fully insulated and wired.

Only 2 more weeks until I’m back making and i honestly can’t wait!

Taking only 2.5 months maternity leave can be hard- but as a self-employed person- thats life!

I count myself lucky however- i can my babies to work with me-the studio will also incorporate a kiddies corner-yippee!!