A recent family holiday has brought a new burst of inspiration!

In my work-i am always drawn to piers,harbours,ropes,boat chains and netting.My phone is full of endless chain photos.
We enjoyed a blissful few days in Westport and we’re lucky to find a great spot along the Quay. Just perfect for me!
Every morning at the crack of dawn I went out and walked along the Quay, with not a soul about -it was bliss!
From the ropes knotted together on the walls to the rusted chains left dangling off the side of the pier- inspiration was everywhere.
The images have sourced a new direction in my work.Theres exciting new things in the pipeline.I am designing new products,new collections and experimenting with different techniques-stepping out of my comfort zone to say the least!
I can’t wait to share the new work soon!